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The dismantling of the platform in the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal that presently links Buildings B/C and E/H, starts Monday 7 March. The platform will be closed from Wednesday 9 March.


How can the dismantling work affect you?

The dismantling of the platform may cause some nuisance. We expect noise nuisance in the buildings to be very limited.

The platform is comprised of concrete slabs, sand and steel. The steel frame will be dismantled using angle grinders. The 18-metre long steel piles used to support the platform will be extracted from the ground. Lorries bringing and removing materials and equipment will use the southern side of the canal in front of Building A. The entrance stairs to Building B/C will remain accessible. It will take three to four weeks to complete the dismantling of the platform.

Temporary crossing pontoon

From Wednesday 9 March, people wishing to cross the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal should use the new ‘crossing pontoon’ between the current platform and the bicycle pontoons. This crossing pontoon will remain in use until the completion of the new bridge across the canal.