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The Council of State (RvS) has rejected the appeal against the 'First Revision of Postcode Area 1012 zoning plan' and the associated integrated environmental permit for the University Library (UB) on the Binnengasthuis premises (BG premises). As a consequence of this ruling, the zoning plan and integrated environmental permit have become irrevocable and the UvA is now free to construct the UB on the BG premises.


The Amsterdam municipal council adopted the zoning plan in the summer of 2015. The Amsterdam Centre District then issued an integrated environmental permit for the construction of the new UB on the BG premises. Subsequently there was a six-week period in which anyone with objections to these decisions could lodge an appeal with the RvS. One appeal was lodged in this period. The Council of State published its ruling on 16 March.

Fleshing out City Centre Campus scenarios

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is currently elaborating two scenarios for the design of the City Centre Campus which will be presented to the University community in due course. Until that time, work on the City Centre Campus will not commence.