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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has received a subsidy of 245,000 euros from the Province of North Holland for the renovation of the building in Turfdraagsterpad, the future home of the Art History and Cultural Studies programmes.

Nationally listed building

In 2013, the UvA applied for a subsidy under the nationally listed buildings restoration subsidy implementing regulations for North Holland, which cover nationally listed buildings without a residential function such as churches, windmills and industrial heritage. As the subsidy was granted after the renovation work had already begun, the UvA was able to provide detailed information on the renovation project and costs. 'The building will be modernised in line with the latest building regulations and will retain features such as the grand staircase, façades, windows and roof, which was an important consideration for the province', says renovation project leader Hans Mulder.



The province has noted high demand for subsidies for restoration projects, as evidenced by the many subsidy applications it has granted in the past few years. As well as offering an incentive for owners of nationally listed buildings to maintain them, the subsidy programme also provides a boost for the economy, particularly the building sector. The province of North Holland boasts the largest share of the Netherlands’ 50,000 nationally listed buildings. 

City Centre Campus

Mulder: 'With the culmination of this renovation project at the end of March, the future home of the Art History and Cultural Studies programmes will be the first building to be completed at the Binnengasthuis premises, bringing the new City Centre Campus another step closer.'