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In the second half of January, new residents will move into the former Service and Information Centre (BG3) on Binnengasthuisstraat 9. VOX-POP, formerly located in BG5, will move into the building along with the UvA Real Estate Development department, various Facility Services and ICT Services units and the AUAS Development Office.


VOX POP is a UvA pop-up programme aimed at offering students, employees, local residents and other parties an opportunity to use empty spaces in the Binnengasthuis premises for debates, exhibitions, lectures, film nights, etc. The projects are temporary, and centre around the humanities. The new space offers VOX-POP an ideal opportunity to raise its public profile. The activities are open to all interested parties. 

Accessible to local residents

The Real Estate Development department and Development Office are working to realise the various open city campuses, including the City Centre Campus. ‘Working on location is beneficial to the overall campus development process. It helps us get a better sense of the surrounding environment and ensures that we are accessible to local residents and businesses. Our offices were previously located at the Roeterseiland campus, and that proved to be a good experience’, explains Cees van der Wolf, managing director of the Real Estate Development department and Development Office.  

VOX-POP will be conducting its activities on the ground floor in the circular section of the building. Both departments will be located on the first and second floors, largely in the circular section.

How will the relocation affect you?

The relocation of furniture to BG3 will begin on Monday 21 December. This will take place between 7:00 and 11:00 (time windows*). A number of limited modifications to the building (floors, walls) will be carried out in January. The relocation will take place in the second half of January. Local residents and businesses could experience some disturbances as a result of the moving vans and the limited amount of work on the building. We will do everything in our power to limit this nuisance to a minimum. 

* Time windows are municipally designated slots during which stores in a specific area may take deliveries from trucks and vans.