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A walk through the old dissection room in the Second Surgical Clinic, the inner courtyard of the Oudemanhuispoort and the future Art History and Cultural Studies building. Alumni and (former) staff members enjoyed themselves on a sunny University Day.


'A tour of the City Centre Campus with historical stories and a chance to present the university's plans for the future.' That is what Sabine Rummens, programme manager for the (new) housing of the Faculty of the Humanities, had in mind. And that's exactly how it went. Together with her colleague Juliette Daniels, she set off with sixteen visitors on University Day. 


Golden opportunity

One of them was the civil-law notary Menno Vinke from Veenendaal, who was attending the University Day for the twelfth time. 'Because for one day it makes me feel forty years younger.' He thought the tour would be a golden opportunity to see the buildings from inside. 'When everyone is working again that won't be possible anymore. You see the transformation that the buildings undergo. It's interesting how the history remains intact, in spite of all the changes', says Vinke, who studied in the Oudemanhuispoort.  


Contrast between old and new

Rummens wanted to put the emphasis on showing the contrast between 'old' and 'new'. Like the surgical clinic, which is temporarily being used by start-up companies and the renovated former CREA building, where Art History and Cultural Studies will be moving into this summer. With the way historical elements have been retained, that has now become a splendid, future-proof building. Vinke is impressed by the view over the canal from the top of the building. And he is enthusiastic about the lecture room of the future, outfitted with the latest equipment. 'For example, with all these ICT and technical possibilities, I think Art History students will get a lot more feeling for the field. And there's a lot more interaction during lectures, which is good.' 

New University Library

The tour naturally included a visit to the Second Surgical Clinic, the planned location for the new University Library. 'We showed the designs and explained the state of affairs. That is, the fact that the decision about the new University Library is being submitted to the academic community', says Rummens. 'The alumni reacted very positively. Some said: "I wish I could come back to study again when the library is here."'