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The contractor started work on renovation of the former CREA building on the Turfdraagsterpad this May. The building will house the Faculty of Humanities' Arts and Culture programme from the summer of 2015 onwards. We will keep you informed of the latest progress by means of these updates.


Foundation repair work

The contractor has started work on repairing the building's foundations. Some 130 foundation piles are currently being wound into the ground. Foundation piles are generally driven into the soil. The contractor has opted for this method in order to minimise inconvenience for local residents. The foundation repair work will be completed in mid-July. 

Pouring of concrete

Concrete for the ground floor will be poured on Monday, 14 July. This work will take one day and will involve multiple cement trucks. As a result, there will be construction traffic on the Binnengasthuis site outside of the agreed time window (07:00 until 11:00). In view of the small size of the work site, we will be forced to station the cement trucks on the Turfdraagsterpad. Cement trucks will be parked so as to leave room for passing cyclists and pedestrians. Construction work on the day is expected to cause noise and inconvenience.  Roof structure The contractor has started work on repairing the building's roof structure. Old beams will be partly conserved and expertly restored where necessary. The interconnecting section between the former CREA building and the adjacent building has been completely removed over the past few weeks. 

roof structure in former CREA building

Timber framed walls

The contractor has started demolition work on the dividing walls. Over the course of these demolition activities, various timber-framed walls were found. These walls consist of straw stapled to wooden frames, covered with plasterwork. Timber-framed walls are considered to be monumental and must be restored. 


The contractor is currently working to erect scaffoldings on the Grimburgwal and Binnengasthuisstraat side of the building. The remainder of the scaffolding structure will be erected after the end of the construction industry holiday, after which the contractor will start renovation work on the fa├žade. 

Construction industry holiday

The construction industry holiday lasts from 21 July through 8 August. According to the current planning schedule, there will be no need to continue work during the construction industry holiday. If, despite our current estimations, this does prove to be necessary just before the construction industry holiday, we will duly inform you via this website.