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The contractor started work on renovation of the former CREA building on the Turfdraagsterpad this May. As of the summer of 2015, the building will accommodate the faculty of Humanities' Arts and Culture programme


Container delivery/removal

An additional container will be delivered/removed every day from Monday 11 August through Friday 10 October. This will take place in the afternoon, outside of the agreed 07:00-11:00 time window. The containers will be used to remove construction rubble. 

The amount of rubble to be released is larger than expected. As a result, not all rubble can be removed during the agreed time window, and large quantities must be stored in the building. This situation is not optimal in terms of construction safety, and the stored rubble is an obstacle to construction workers. 

At present, two containers are delivered/removed every day within the agreed time window. The container filled during the previous day is replaced by an empty one at 07:00. This container is then full by around 10:30, and is replaced by an empty one. This second container is then full by early afternoon. Until now, these second containers were not being replaced. This is now set to change: containers will be removed from mid-August through mid-October in order to prevent construction delays. 

More information or any questions?

If you have any questions regarding delivery/removal of containers or our plans and activities, please contact Chérie van der Meer, City Centre area manager at 020-525 77 24 or via email You can also visit