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The renovation work being done to the Turfdraagsterpad building is proceeding on schedule. 'If everything continues to go this well, we will be finished by 1 April,' said a pleased Hans Mulder, project leader for the renovation. 'After that, the building can be fitted out. The Faculty of Humanities will move in after the summer.'


Historic garret windows

Hans: 'All of the demolition and chipping work has been finished on the inside partitions and walls. This means that we can now get started on the actual "construction work" on the building.' All of the ceilings on the second storey are sealed and the roof is insulated. Here in the attic the builders are busy restoring the historic garret windows. In the old days, a rope was used to open these windows. Unfortunately, it was impossible to restore these garret windows to their former glory. For starters, the historic glass had to be removed because it was no longer safe.' The casings and doors will be installed in around three weeks' time. 'Then the building will really start to take shape and gain an identity,' said Hans. 


windows BG2
An example of an historic garret window. The historic glass had to be removed because it was no longer safe.

Fitting out the technical areas

Work started on fitting out the technical areas in November. The air conditioning units are located in the technical areas. Hans: 'These units ensure healthy air in the building. The air conditioning units will be hoisted into the building via the roof using a crane.'

Façade restoration

The brickwork on the façade has sustained damage in various places. Hans: 'The contractor will be restoring the façade over the next five weeks. The damaged brickwork will be removed using a combination grinder-rotary hammer drill. The next step will be to repair the remaining brickwork. These activities will be a bit noisy. According to the schedule, the façade on the Turfdraagsterpad side will be finished by Christmas; the scaffolding on this side will be removed accordingly.'


A working group has been appointed for the building's interior. 'An interior designer came up with a plan in together with the Faculty of Humanities. This design will be used as a basis for selecting the colours and materials and the way the different types of furnishing go together,' said Hans.

Construction tarps

Recently, new construction tarps were installed on the construction fences surrounding the building site. A deliberate choice was made for printed tarps: 'We are trying to prevent the tarps from being covered with graffiti this way. We opted for black and white photos because they have a more neutral and calm appearance than would have been the case if we had chosen to do everything in colour,' said Hans.


Tours of the building will be organised from mid-November onward. Check the website for dates and times.