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To find inspiration and to learn from other co-creation initiatives, the ASP942 project group and the co-creation task force visited the Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC) in Rotterdam and YES!Delft at Delft University of Technology.

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)

The CIC in Rotterdam is fitted with flexible office space, co-working workstations, spaces for events and facilities for entrepreneurs, investors and companies that have set up business there. The building managers provided insight into the importance of physical presence and support, which is crucial to realising true co-creation. Everything they do is about creating a community, which they facilitate in various ways. This focus is noticeable in the building, with its small, flexible rooms and its walls that can be turned into doors or used as drawing boards. Facility services is likewise prepared for every contingency, from mail sorting and the fitness facility to the online environment and the secretarial office for receiving guests.  This contributes to a positive atmosphere and results in new contacts and possibilities.


Co-creation Yes!Delft

YES!Delft is mostly populated by Delft University of Technology students working on start-ups in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Aviation. Events and meetings are organised at YES!Delft to bring people together and to bring about collaborative efforts. Entrepreneurs are actively building or developing in every corner of the building.

The task forces look back on an inspiring working visit, where the importance of suitable spaces for interaction – not to mention the catering facilities – was strongly highlighted. Companies that had established operations at these locations frequently made use of the available facilities, both online and offline. The task forces will be considering ways to translate this into a format that is suitable for ASP942. The goal is to create a community that connects research, teaching, the professional sector and society.