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UvA has given the green light for the contractor to start preparatory work on Monday 20 April to move the current bicycle parking facility. In mid-May, the facility opposite Science Park 904 Building A will be relocated to the plot alongside the main entrance of this building. This is to prepare the plot for the construction of LAB42.

Relocation of the bicycle parking facility

From Monday 20 April until Friday 1 May, a quantity of ground will be excavated from the plot next to the main entrance of Building SP904 and moved to another part of the plot for reuse. A digger will dig trenches to enable installation of the cable pipes and sewer pipes, and starting in mid-May, the bicycle racks in the current plot will be dug up in stages and moved to the new plot. If everything goes according to plan, the new bicycle parking facility should be completed by the beginning of June. During construction, both the side entrance and main entrance of Building SP904 will remain accessible to students and staff.

Bicycle parking facility clear-out

A clear-out of the current bicycle parking facility took place in February and March. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we understand that not everybody will have been able to remove or retrieve their bicycle in time. For this reason, you will be able to pick up your bicycle from the current facility until mid-May (exact date is 18 May). Any bicycles (functional or otherwise) that have not been retrieved by mid-May will be temporarily stored in the bicycle parking facility beneath Building F. If you have any questions, contact Facility Services via or on +31 (0)20 525 1403.

What will the new bicycle parking facility look like?

The new temporary bicycle parking facility on the plot near the main entrance will have capacity for 1,600 bicycles in both single-sided and double-sided bicycle racks. The facility will be easily accessible via the Kruislaan in the direction of Building SP904. Part of the facility will be reserved for scooters, cargo bikes and motorbikes, as well as special vehicles that owners may wish to park in a special secure compartment. Parking officers will be available to answer any questions and give advice concerning parking of your vehicle.

Installation of cables and ducts

In June, Facility Services will start installing cables and ducts in the area in which the bicycle parking facility is currently located. This is to prepare the plot for the construction of LAB42.

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