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NRC Handelsblad has published an article about our former rector magnificus, Dymph van den Boom.

Over the past few weeks, the NRC journalist analysed all the opening speeches given by Dymph van den Boom at the UvA’s Dies Natalis ceremony in the period 2007-2017. He also investigated her dissertation, which she obtained from Leiden University in 1988. According to the journalist, she quoted incorrectly and incompletely or did not properly reference her sources. 

As a result of the allegations levelled by the journalist, the Executive Board has asked an external ad hoc committee to investigate whether the rules for scientific integrity were contravened in the opening speeches and dissertation.

This is a delicate and serious matter, particularly for Dymph van den Boom herself. Obviously, the greatest possible care is required. We will only take a position once a proper and independent investigation has been carried out in accordance with the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU).