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The Central Voting Office of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) announced the results of the Student Council elections on Monday 27 May. The total voter turnout was 15.4%. UvASociaal remains the largest party in the Central Student Council.

Central Student Council

Of the 34,809 students who were eligible to vote, a total of 4,425 voted in the Central Student Council (CSR) elections. This amounts to a voter turnout of 12.7%. UvASociaal won 1,639 votes and has therefore earned four seats on the council. De Vrije Student received 1,008 votes and will have two seats. Newcomer Inter picked up 815 votes and will occupy one seat on the new CSR. Red UvA and SLAAFS received 371 and 351 votes, respectively, which was not enough for either party to obtain a seat.

The Central Student Council is made up of seven directly elected candidates and seven representatives from the various Faculty Student Councils. The latter will be announced at a later date.

Economics and Business

At the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), the council seats will be divided among List Sefa, UvASociaal and Inter. List Sefa will have the largest share with seven seats, UvASociaal will have two and the last seat will go to Inter. Voter turnout at the FEB was 24.0%.


Student party Trots op FGw (TOF) has won eight of the twelve available seats at the Faculty of Humanities. De Vrije Student and Red UvA will each occupy two seats. The Faculty of Humanities saw a voter turnout of 15.4%.

Medicine & Medical interns

MFAS, the only party that stood in the elections at the AMC, has won all seven available seats. A total of 33.1% of students cast their votes.

MFAS was also the only party on the ballot for the student council for Medical interns, obtaining all three seats. Voter turnout was 17.2%.

Social and Behavioural Sciences

For the first time this year, the student council of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) was elected using a subdistrict system. In the Social Science subdistrict, 17.5% of eligible students voted in the elections. UvASociaal has won six of the seven available seats, with the last going to De Vrije Student.

In the Psychology subdistrict, only 6.4% of students turned out to vote. Because UvASociaal was the only participating party in the district, it has automatically earned the one available seat.

A total of 11.4% of eligible students cast their votes in the Communication Science subdistrict elections. All seats will once again be occupied by the only participating party, UvASociaal.

In the fourth subdistrict, Child Development and Education, there were not enough candidates to hold elections. Nevertheless, 0.51% of students headed to the polls to vote.


The student council of the Faculty of Science (FNWI) will also feature two parties, with one holding a clear majority: LIEF has won ten of the twelve available seats. SLAAFS will occupy the remaining two seats. Red UvA did not receive enough votes to obtain a seat. Voter turnout at the Faculty of Science was 17.2%.

Student Council of the Faculty of Law

Just like the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, this year the Faculty of Law (FdR) used a subdistrict system for the first time. PPLE students could only vote for candidates from the PPLE district. The remaining FdR students voted for the other candidates within the faculty.

The PPLE district saw an extremely high turnout, with 71.0% of students casting their votes. As the only participating party, Inter has won all four available PPLE seats. Voter turnout for the rest of the Faculty of Law was considerably lower at 16.5%. OpRecht and De Vrije Student will share the eight available seats, with four going to each party.


At the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA), this year’s voter turnout of 18.8% was significantly lower compared to last year, when 54.7% of students headed to the polls. All eight available seats will go to Kies ACTA, the only party that stood in the elections.

Voter turnout per student council









AMC - Medical interns


FMG - Social Sciences


FMG - Psychology


FMG - Comm



0.51% (no elections held)