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Lecture hall REC Gs.05 has recently received a brand-new piece of audiovisual equipment: a screen that can be used as both a traditional projection screen and a whiteboard that can be written on. In other words, a two-in-one educational tool.

The board also has a special mattified layer that significantly reduces ‘noise’ from light reflection and uses a sustainable laser projector (instead of a traditional beamer with a beamer lamp). These features result in a very user-friendly, versatile and nearly maintenance-free solution,

allowing lecturers and students to optimally benefit from lively (and live) content on the screen during every lesson.

Ambassadors programme

The Teaching Logistics Office implemented this new solution in cooperation with Mk2/Kinly, Epson Nederland and Smit Visual. These organisations have made the screen available to the UvA as part of their ambassadors programme, a partnership that benefits all parties involved. The UvA will play an active role in this program as an ambassador for the joint solution developed by Epson and Smit Visual.

As an ambassador, the UvA will provide feedback on the new projection screen and user experience in lecture hall REC Gs.05, thus enabling Epson and Smit Visual to further improve the product.

All feedback is more than welcome!

If you have been in lecture hall REC Gs.05 and had the chance to work with this new projection screen, please share your experience by sending an email to René Nuhaan: