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The nominees for this year's edition of the UvA Thesis prize have been announced. Six students from six of the faculties are in the running to win the prize, which will be awarded by Abdelkader Benali during the University Day on 15 june.

UvA Thesis Priza

The nominees

  • Inge Daemen (Social and Behavioural Sciences) carried out a randomized controlled trial pilot study of EMDR Group therapy used with traumatised ex-child slaves in India.
  • Weixuan Li (HUmanities) studied the art and market in the Dutch Golden Age using digital methodologies.
  • Linde Titulaer-de Baaij (UvA-AMC) investigates what is better when inducing labour: to administer drugs to stimulate contractions immediately or wait so that labour can start naturally.
  • Stefanos Tyros (Economics & Business) studied the effects of cuts to Dutch pensions.
  • Jan van Vegchel (Law) investigated the 'right of reply', which individuals can use to respond to media publcations containing incorrect or incomplete information.
  • Amber Woutersen (Science) studied the evolution of nitre bushes in Asia, Australia and coastal areas of the Mediterranean, which can provide indications of global warming.

Jury and award ceremony

The Jury consists of the deans of the UvA's faculties. They will judge the theses in terms of scientific merit and originality. The winner will be announced during the University Day on 15th june.