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Around 663,000,000 people worldwide still do not have access to clean drinking water. To this end, the UvA and AUAS have partnered with MAAS to provide clean drinking water in developing countries through Made Blue*.

For every litre of coffee or tea that is dispensed from the coffee machines at the UvA and AUAS, MAAS will donate one litre of clean drinking water to developing countries via Made Blue’s ‘a litre for a litre’ programme.

By taking part in this initiative, the UvA and AUAS were able to donate 640,591 litres in 2018.

  • This donation will provide 64 children with access to clean drinking water at school for the next 10 years, which they can use to drink, wash their hands and eat clean food (4 litres per child per school day).
  • In addition, two families with an average of 5 people will be guaranteed 10 years of access to clean drinking water for drinking, washing up and cooking (20 litres per person per day).

*Made Blue’s mission is providing access to clean drinking water for as many people as possible in developing countries. To achieve this aim, the company creates water from water in innovative ways through various programmes.