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Have you seen the Health Week programme? From 13 through 16 May, various lectures, workshops and activities will be organised on the theme of ‘balance’. Various activities are already fully booked, so be sure to register now! We will highlight a few interesting lectures below.

Kick-off on Monday 13 May

Rector Magnificus Karen Maex will open the Health Week, after which professor in Developmental Psychopathology Reinout Wiers will speak about balance in student life. Two students will then discuss their personal experiences with balance and imbalance and how they have learned to deal with this. The kick-off will be concluded by sleep researcher and Psychobiology student Colin Altena, who will explain what sleeping does for our memory, stress and balance!

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Heel de mens, een leven lang zorgdilemma's'

(Humans as a whole, a lifetime of care dilemmas), Tuesday 14 May (in Dutch)
On Tuesday, former Behaviour and Society professor Louise Gunning would love to discuss care dilemmas with you. The compilation of the same name (‘Heel de mens, een leven lang zorgdilemma’s’ in Dutch) stems from a successful lecture series on current care-related and social dilemmas, which have resulted from various technical and other innovations. The topics discussed include dilemmas such as: how far can we go in the genetic modification of embryos, or when tackling obesity in children? Should we reimburse the expensive medicines of seriously ill people? And should we allow voluntary euthanasia? A dilemma is central to every phase of human life, from embryo to old age.

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What does stress do to your brain?

Also on Tuesday 14 May: 'What does stress do to your brain?' Everyone feels stressed from time to time, but what exactly is stress? Paul Lucassen, professor at the Swammerdam Institute (SILS) of the Faculty of Science, will explain the neurobiology of stress and what it does to both your body and your brain.

What can you expect? Watch this video by Paul Lucassen about the plasticity of the brain!

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Perspectives on Addiction

On Thursday 16 May, professor in Developmental Psychopathology Reinout Wiers will give an interesting lecture on addictions. Many students use both legal and illegal addictive drugs, ranging from a few drinks after an exam to the heavy use of multiple substances. How does this affect their study objectives and other life goals? This includes maintaining relationships, part-time jobs or in some cases even their accommodation. In the biomedical research tradition, addiction is referred to as a chronic brain disease (with a genetic component), while the social sciences point to the social context and the common phenomenon of spontaneous recovery. What are the treatment options viewed from these perspectives? Interested? Then don’t miss this lecture!

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