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At present, the Amsterdam University College currently has the highest response rate with 29,5 per cent (this concerns UvA registered students).

The Faculty of Medicine follows in second spot with a response rate of 26,2 per cent. Below is an overview of the preliminary response rates for all UvA faculties.

Faculty 2019 Response rate after third reminder
ACTA 12,8%
AUC 29,5%
FdR 20,7%
FEB 13,6%
FGw 15,3%
FMG 19,3%
FNWI 21,5%
AMC 26,2%
Total 18,7%

Fill in survey by 24 March

The NSE runs until 24 March. Students who have yet to complete the NSE survey will receive a final reminder between Wednesday, 20 March and Friday, 22 March.

About the NSE

The NSE is a countrywide annual survey in which students are asked to rate their study programme. The survey results highlight aspects in which the UvA needs to improve. In addition, the results are used for prospective student information and for national rankings.