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Recently you will have received an invitation email from Stichting Studiekeuze123 to take part in the 2019 National Student Survey (NSE). The NSE is a nationwide survey in which you and your fellow students can voice their opinions about your degree programme. Take part, because your opinion counts!

NSE 2019

Each year, the National Student Survey gives tens of thousands of students the chance to voice their opinions with respect to their degree programme. Survey results identify the areas in which the UvA can improve its students’ satisfaction levels. In addition, the results will be used to provide input for orientation activities for new students and for the compilation of national rankings. The survey can be completed up until 23 March.

Win a prize!
By filling in the survey you not only help the UvA to gain insights into it's students’ satisfaction levels and map the areas in which it can improve its performance, you also stand a chance of winning a travel cheque worth € 2.000 or one of 500 Ticketmaster eGift Cards.

About the NSE
The NSE is organised by Stichting Studiekeuze123, which is an initiative of the ISO and LSVb student associations and the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen), the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and the NRTO council for training and education. The survey is conducted by the Intomart GfK market research agency.

Read more about the privacy regulations of Stichting Studiekeuze123. If you choose to participate anonymously, your (open)answers will be partly sent to the UvA in such a way that they cannot be traced back to you. This means the UvA will have less valuable data to help improve the quality of education. If you want the UvA to receive more relevant data, which can help us improve the quality of the education, please choose the first option at question 1. Your privacy will always be guaranteed and note that final reports will still never be traceable to you.