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As of Tuesday, 5 February, the UvA website will have a new look and feel. The website will be mobile-proof, responsive and more flexible, with a contemporary design. Because the UvA website is large and complex, the new design will be rolled out in stages over a three-day period. All UvA websites will appear in the new design by the end of the day on Thursday, 7 February.

The redesign was needed, among other reasons, to better position the UvA as an international top-ranking university and to better meet the needs of different web users.

The UvA website is large and complex and involves a wide range of web visitors and web staff. ‘I am extremely proud that we’ve worked on this project with so many colleagues and students,’ said web manager Mendel Stecher.

Screen capture of the new-look UvA website

What is changing and how will it affect me?

The redesigned website has a more responsive and flexible design, allowing content to adapt to different screen sizes. This means a better user experience for web visitors. ‘I expect that all visitors to our website, but especially our students and colleagues, will feel better informed.’

Over the course of the project, different users were involved in several testing sessions. ‘I think it's a hip site. You can find information quickly using the landing pages', said UvA student Lotte. Alumna Lisa added: ‘I think the layout is nicer, calmer and a lot more professional, and more in step with the present day.’ Olav, an alumnus who will soon be a student again, was happy with the in-page menu. ‘You see this on many websites and it’s very intuitive. The layout is logical.’

Ongoing development for UvA websites

Web manager Mendel Stecher indicated that work on the website is not over. ‘The changing needs of web users, and developments in technology, mean that website development is ongoing. Our web editors and our development team will continue to assess what’s happening with the site behind the scenes and regularly conduct usability tests in order to identify changing user needs in a timely manner.’

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Contact the development team and UvA web editors at