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On 15 March a nationwide education strike will be organised by the Algemene Onderwijsbond (AOB, the General Union of Education Personnel in the Netherlands) and the FNV, the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation. WOinActie will also join the strike.


During the strike on 15 March attendance at lectures and tutorials will not be compulsory. UvA buildings will remain open the whole day for those who want to give or attend lectures. If lectures are cancelled or rescheduled or a substitute is arranged, we ask staff to do this in consultation with colleagues and the faculty so everyone can be informed.


It is not an examination week, but exams have been scheduled at some faculties. These will in principle take place: the staff who have scheduled lectures and tutorials and are planning to strike have been asked to make arrangements within their faculty so students who have prepared for exams are not affected. Attendance at exams is not compulsory for students who want to join the strike. In the case of a scheduled exam there is the usual opportunity for a resit; please note, though, that an additional resit will not be scheduled in principle, unless the lecturer decides otherwise.