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What unites a country as divided as that of India? Was Albert Einstein the only founder of the relativity theory? And can we still approach complex problems from traditional academic methods? The range of interdisciplinary courses in the second semester offers a variety of themes, and challenges you to break with the status quo. As with the course 'Radical Imagination' where you are asked to find the limits of your own imagination with the help of artists. If you prefer to immerse yourself in a broad spectrum of knowledge within a certain theme? Then choose courses like 'India' or 'Science and life of Albert Einstein'.

IIS electives second semester 2018-2019

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) has a diverse range of interdisciplinary elective courses each semester. Upcoming semester the following English taught courses can be elected:

For whom

The lectures are accessible for:

• All students of the UvA, irrespective of academic background;
• Students from other educational institutions

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