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At the end of November the ‘Do your part to ensure safe working and studying conditions’ campaign kicked off. Creating strong passwords is the first in a series of security-related themes on the agenda. At various UvA locations you can play your part in symbolically building a wall with styrofoam bricks.

Play your part - passwords

Cyber security is a topic that concerns us all. Every week we hear and read about it in the media. We are doing everything we can to make the systems used by our students and staff as secure as possible. Secure systems are important, but using them safely is just as crucial.

Nowadays we are all digitally connected to one another. This is great, but it also makes us vulnerable. Just a single weak point is enough for hackers and viruses to do a great deal of damage. It is therefore vital for each of us to ensure that we are not this weak link. In the coming period we will be providing staff and students with simple tips on how to stay digitally secure.

Make sure you are not that critical weak link. Do your part by creating a strong password to protect not only your data, but also the research, academic results and data of everyone else.

To do so, simply follow the instructions on Do it today and help safeguard digital security for all staff and students at the UvA.

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