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We were curious about your experience with Canvas so we sent out a survey with the last student newsletter. No fewer than 277 of you took the time to fill this in. Many thanks! In this newsletter we have the results for you.

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User-friendliness and use of the app

Some 85% of you agreed or agreed to some extent with the statement: ‘Canvas is a user-friendly digital learning environment’. The Canvas Student app also has dedicated users: 67.4% of students said they used the app at least once a week, and 46% of them at least three times a week.

Tips for lecturers

Of course we are really happy that the great majority of you experience Canvas as a pleasant learning environment. However, the survey also revealed a few problems in the use of Canvas. We encountered the following comments fairly regularly:

  • Not all the lecturers use the module structure, which at times makes it difficult for students to find all the assignments and files.
  • It happens quite often that assignments, pages or modules are not published, which means that students are unable to access them.
  • The calendar function isn’t used by many of the lecturers, so not all deadlines are entered in the personal calendars.
  • The presentation of the courses on Canvas varies quite a bit for the different courses, meaning that it is sometimes very difficult for students to navigate their way around.

We made sure that these points were communicated to the lecturers so that they can improve the presentation of their courses based on your feedback. If you find the presentation of one of your courses on Canvas very awkward, you can also simply send an email to the course lecturer.