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Until November 15, the UvA community could vote on ten ideas from students in the Create a Course Challenge. A total of almost 500 students and employees of the UvA have cast their vote on the subject that they think should be developed as a new interdisciplinary elective course. The five ideas with the most votes continue to the final on November 29 at De Brug, Roeterseiland.

Create a Course Challenge IIS

Anyone with an UvA ID could vote on his or her top 3 in order of appreciation (vote 1: 3 points, vote 2: 2 points and vote 3: 1 point). The five ideas with the most votes are and therefore continue to the final are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Safety - Victor Zuanazzi (560 points)
  • Counter-thinking in contemporary society - Vukasin Gligoric (360 points)
  • Favourable Futures - Klaas Groen (346 points)
  • Biotechnologie van medicijn tot Frankenstein - Nils Boonstra, Ida van Koolwijk, Tijmen Kuyper & Julie Maas (340 points)
  • Navigating the Post-Truth Internet - Naina Parasher (305 points)

All 10 entries can be read on the website of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS).

The finale

During the final on Thursday evening 29 November at De Brug on Roeterseiland, the jury consisting of Lucy Wenting (director of IIS), Guda van Noort (Communication Science lecturer) and Roeland Voorbergen (CSR chairman) will decide which entry will be rewarded with the realisation of the elective. The winner may then immediately start as a student assistant in the development of the course. After the finals we all raise our glass to the winning course!

The final is freely accessible to all interested parties.

For more information visit the website of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies.