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For the third year in a row, the UvA is sponsoring the Brainwash Festival, which will take place on Saturday, 27 October. The Brainwash Festival is a philosophical festival in Amsterdam’s city centre.


It is a place for great thinkers from the Netherlands and abroad to shine a light on the important social and personal issues of today. This year’s speakers include Richard Dawkins, Naomi Klein and Yanis Varoufakis.

Various locations around the Nes in Amsterdam, including the UvA’s Agnietenkapel, will be home to readings about the cutting edge of philosophy, literature and theatre. The programme will take place from 13:00-01:00. Tickets are available via the website:

Ticket raffle

As an official partner of the Brainwash Festival, the UvA is offering a raffle of 20 tickets for UvA students. You can enter the raffle until Wednesday, 24 October. Recipients of the 20 tickets will receive an email on Thursday, 25 October.

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The UvA at the Brainwash Festival

The following UvA speakers will be at the festival:

Prof. Jan Willen Duyvendak - No place like home 

Home is fashionable. We see this in the media - in Ikea adverts and romantic movies that remind us that there no place like home. We read this in pamphlets from political parties who state that 'everyone should feel at home in the Netherlands'. But do we realise that our feeling of home is not only an inclusive feeling, but also exclusive. In politics, the feeling of home often leads to marginalisation and the exclusion of foreigners. Sociologist, Jan-Willem Duyvendak, argues that many of our conflicts, frustrations and populistic resentment come from the belief that we have a right to feel at home. 

Anna Blijdenstein - Tolerance, Judaism and Islam

How do concept from the Enlightenment impact current debates on religion. Enlightenment philosophy formulated ideas about tolerance and religious freedom but also created hierarchies in religions, cultures and ethnicity. According to Anna Blijdenstein, who is currently doing a PhD, you can see this is in Enlightenment views on Judaism and Islam.