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In late April, work will commence on breaking open a section of the walls between REC A and REC BC. This work will continue through to the project’s completion on 30 June 2017. Read on for details of the work scheduled during this period.


Measures in connection with the demolition work

Rooms B0.20, B0.69 and B0.68 on the ground floor have been cleared out, and dust screens will be erected around the perimeter of the construction area to separate it from parts of the buildings that are still in use. Room C1.09 on the first floor has also been screened off in places where there are no existing walls and doors. The contemplation room is being relocated, as it falls within the construction zone. A sign will be posted to direct people to the new location.

Disruptions and emergency measures

The wall demolition work will take place exclusively before 09:00 to minimise disruptions for students and staff. Appropriate control measures have been taken to ensure safety, and security staff have been informed accordingly. Building users will not be able to access the construction zone during the works.

Provisional schedule

Wk 17-18 Anti-dust measures on upper floors
Wk 17-18 Start of demolition work REC A/REC BC
30 June End of demolition work REC A/REC BC

More information

For more information and the latest news about these and other works, check our website You can also find information about building works under ‘Construction updates’.