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The new University Library (UB) can best be realised on the BG site ('Binnengasthuisterrein') in the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek and the Zusterhuis (BG13/14). This provisional decision by the Executive Board is made on the basis of on the consultation of the academic community, the analysis of an urban planner and the evaluation of the assessment group (a representation of key City Centre Campus stakeholders).

Scenario A impression atrium UB
Impression atrium UB scenario A

In recent months, a number of different parties have provided their input on the choice of location for the new University Library. According to the Executive Board, there are two reasons for choosing Scenario A, which is on the BG site. “Firstly, it’s a good design that will result in a modern academic building at the heart of the future campus, with clear functions (meeting, interaction, learning). There will be two distinct areas: teaching in the OMHP and a modern library and meeting centre in BG 13/14. In our view this will create a vibrant, user-friendly campus with plenty of space.”

In addition, there are risks associated with Scenario B (in the OMHP), and, according to the consultation and the assessment group, the design did not offer any obvious advantages. “The congestion and logistical problems that would result from the combining of functions, and the concerns over the plaza on Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Scenario B are issues for us.”

Scenario A

Scenario A is a design by architects MVSA and J. van Stigt. It is also the scenario that is preferred by the assessment group, which comprises, amongst others, of representatives from the Faculty of Humanities, the University Library (UB) and Real Estate Development.  Under Scenario A, the historic buildings would have a glass roof, creating an atrium where the inner courtyard currently stands. This creates a flexible, multifunctional space that can be used for lectures and exhibitions and to expand the number of study stations, for example. The link between past and present is clearly in evidence. As a result, the distinctive Snijzaal will take on a new function as a space for lectures and special events. On the Nieuwe Doelenstraat side, a new area will link the two buildings, acting as a thoroughfare.

What next?

Over the forthcoming period, a number of meetings will be held to explain the decision. The intended decision will be sent to the representative advisory bodies. Having consulted the representative advisory bodies over its intended decision, the Executive Board will endeavour to reach a final decision in the first half of July. The irrevocable planning permission and the revised development plan have already been obtained. Once the final decision has been made, a start can be made on preparations for implementation, including refinement of the design and the issuing of a call for tenders.

Follow-up meeting on 6 June

Do you have questions about the Executive Board’s intended decision? Or are you curious to know how your input has been used and the key factors involved in the decision? If so, please come along to the Follow-up meeting. During this meeting, Geert ten Dam and Kees van Ast (Executive Board), Maria Heijne (UB), Fred Weerman (Faculty of Humanities) and Cees van der Wolf (Real Estate Development) will answer any questions you may have about the University Library on the City Centre campus and the consultation process. 


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