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From 16 March to 13 April, the academic community (UvA staff and students) was able to take part in a public consultation on the location of the new City Centre University Library (UB). The input and considerations of the participants will be included in the deliberations on the new location. What are the next steps?

Impression kick-off meeting and exhibition consultation UB


The academic community was able to respond to questions or topics through forums on the online platform. Students and staff could also sign up to take part in the focus groups via the platform. These group meetings saw intense discussions take place on themes relating to the location of the new University Library. The input from both the platform and the focus groups provided a qualitative analysis of, as well as an insight into, the opinions of the participants. An external research firm was hired to process the data into a report. 

Last week, an assessment group (a representation of key City Centre Campus stakeholders) evaluated the scenarios using an established assessment framework. In this framework, the two scenarios will be assessed in terms of vision and ambition, urban integration, spatial and functional integration, architecture, planning and cost.

An urban planner, Koen van Velsen, will subsequently consider the matter from the viewpoint of urban planning and will outline the potentials for the campus, its development and its immediate surroundings in both scenarios.

Recommendation and decision

As outlined in the timeline, the steering committee for the City Centre Campus will be submitting its recommendation to the Executive Board on 11 May. This recommendation will be based on the results of the consultation, the considerations of the urban planner and the analysis of the assessment group. After the Board has made a provisional decision on the matter on 23 May, the decision will be put to the representative advisory bodies. The Executive Board intends to take a final decision on the matter in the first half of July.