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On Thursday 16 March, the launch meeting was held for the consultation process for the choice of location for the new University Library. This meeting marked the start of the four-week consultation period. More than 80 people attended the meeting to learn more about each of the two designs and the consultation process itself.

President of the Executive Board Geert ten Dam opened the meeting: ‘I think that everyone is jealous of the Faculty of Humanities for getting to make its home on the City Centre Campus. And that’s quite understandable – after all, it’s the birthing ground of the University of Amsterdam; a historic site that’s been our base for 385 years now. I hope that we will carry on inspiring one another here for many generations to come. Two great designs have been developed for the potential locations of the new University Library, each with its own identity and character. I’d like to invite students and staff to share their views on them over the next month!’


Kees van Ast (Portfolio Holder for Finance and Operational Management of the Executive Board), Maria Heijne (Director of the University Library UvA/AUAS), Gerard Nijsten (Director of Operational Management of the Faculty of Humanities) and Cees van der Wolf (Director of Campus and Real Estate Development) were also present at the meeting to provide further information and answer questions. The attendees learned more about the designs and the consultation process, and this was followed by an interesting, lively and constructive discussion. At the end of the meeting, the group visited the exhibition about the new University Library, where floor plans, artist impressions and presentation books for the two designs could be viewed.

What happens next?

The consultation period for the location of the new University Library in the City Centre will take four weeks, running from 16 March until 13 April. The exhibition in VOX-POP can also be visited until this date. Furthermore, the architects will be making in-person appearances there to explain their designs and answer questions. These information meetings will take place on Tuesday 21 March (scenario A) and Thursday 23 March (scenario B), at 4:30 pm.

During the consultation period, you will be able to share your opinion, participate in discussions and ask questions about the two potential locations for the University Library on an online platform. There, you will also be able to sign up for the focus groups, in which the two scenarios will be examined more closely in small groups. We will organise these focus groups based on the topics that emerge from the discussion on the online platform.

Based on the steering committee’s advice, the Executive Board will make a preliminary decision on 23 May 2017. Following a recommendation by the representative advisory bodies, the Executive Board will make its definitive decision in the first half of 2017.

How do I sign up?

On 10 March, UvA students and staff received an email through ‘UvA and Ruigrok NetPanel’. This email contained a personalised link enabling them to register on the online platform. If you did not receive this email, the message may be in your ‘Spam’ folder, or you may not have been sent one at all: check the Q&A to find out if you’re part of the target audience. Incidentally, a reminder email will be sent out on Tuesday 21 March. If you still have questions, contact

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Impression exhibition consultation new University Library
Impression kick-off presentation consultation new University Library
Impression kick-off presentation consultation new University Library