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With the approval of the representative advisory bodies, the UvA Supervisory Board has decided on the basic profile and the procedure for the recruitment of a new member for the UvA Executive Board responsible for the Finance & Operational Management portfolio. Throughout the remainder of the recruitment process, the Supervisory Board will continue to work closely with the UvA’s deans and representative advisory bodies. It will be an open recruitment procedure.

Appointment procedure

The Appointments Committee is comprised of two Supervisory Board members, one dean, two members of the representative advisory bodies (student and faculty) and one Executive Board member. The committee members are bound to maintain confidentiality, and the Appointments Committee is being supported in its work by the Spencer Stuart recruitment agency. In accordance with established procedure, the Executive Board and the dean will hold interviews with the candidate nominated by the Appointments Committee, after which the Supervisory Board will submit the proposed appointee to the Central Works Council and the Central Student Council for their approval. They too will meet with the candidate. During these meetings, questions from the academic community may be raised. The recommendation issued by the Central Works Council and Central Student Council, along with the content of the interviews, are confidential.  Following his or her appointment, the new board member will present him or herself to the academic community at a public meeting.

At the same time, in a separate procedure with its own Appointments Committee, a Finance & Operational Management portfolio holder is being recruited for the AUAS Executive Board.