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As of 1 January 2017, each institution will once again have its own Executive Board, and various staff departments will be dissolved while shared services will be retained and optimised – these are the three main components of the proposed decision taken by the UvA-AUAS Executive Board on 31 October.

In early September, consultancy firms Berenschot and Deloitte issued their reports on the long-term partnership between the UvA and AUAS. In an initial response on 8 September, the Executive Board expressed its preference for dissolution of the administrative union, while retaining the partnership in the area of shared service provision. This issue was the subject of intensive consultation in September and October between the Executive Board and deans, directors, representative advisory bodies, staff and students of the two institutions. The main conclusion of those talks is that there is significant support for termination of the administrative partnership.

Consequences for shared services

The proposed decision also concerns the UvA and AUAS' shared service provision. The Board has opted for a scenario in which the shared service provision is retained and further developed so as to achieve efficiency and quality gains. Most of the staff departments currently operating under a joint mandate or under joint management will be dissolved.

Follow-up steps

The proposed decision will be submitted to the representative advisory bodies of the two institutions for approval. They will have a maximum of six weeks to formulate their response. If the representative bodies support the proposal, the Executive Board will ask the Supervisory Boards to ratify the decision. The Supervisory Boards will then be able to arrange the staffing of the respective Executive Boards.