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On 29 September, the Executive Board discussed and subsequently adopted the 2017 Draft Budget. All students and staff are invited to ask questions and make suggestions regarding this budget up to and including 26 October.

The 2017 Draft Budget implements the policy outlined in the 2017 Framework Letter and is the precursor to the final budget for 2017. It also includes the budgets for the faculties, service departments and other units, the Draft Updated Accommodations Plan and the Framework Memorandum for the ICT portfolio. 

Financially sound

The draft budget indicates that the UvA is financially sound. The UvA has the necessary funds to implement its plans over the coming years (liquidity). The UvA will still post a negative result overall in 2017, but in subsequent years it will break even. This will help to keep solvency at a level that is more or less stable. 

Consultation period/choices

When preparing the draft budget, it was found that a number of faculty and unit budgets were still not fully within the parameters agreed in the 2017 Framework Letter. 

These parameters were agreed in order to ensure that UvA would remain financially sound. The draft budget highlights the difference between the submitted budget and the Framework Letter for each faculty and unit. The total impact of the variance in 2017 is -4.6 million euros. 

The draft budget is not yet the final budget. The number of students enrolled as at 1 October 2016 will be known by mid October. The same applies to academic performance in academic year 2015/2016. This information has yet to be processed. In addition, over the forthcoming period, there will be discussions with faculties, service departments and other units concerning the draft budget and the choices that have yet to be made. Also, the decentralised consultation period is still under way. After this, the Executive Board, in consultation with the deans, will consider the plans and objectives and set priorities for the coming years. Since the draft budget is available relatively early in the year, there is sufficient time and scope to incorporate these choices in the final UvA budget.


Comments, questions or suggestions regarding the draft budget may be emailed, up to and including 26 October, to The feedback will be forwarded to the Central Works Council (COR) and the Central Student Council (CSR). Once the feedback period is over, the feedback will be compiled, commented on and submitted to the representative advisory bodies together with the final budget. 

Further procedure

Once the Executive Board has received the consent of the representative advisory bodies to the broad outline of the budget, the Executive Board will adopt the final budget for 2017. If all goes according to plan, the Supervisory Board will approve the budget at its meeting on 16 December 2016. The final budget will be published on the UvA’s websites.