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Team UvA (Boas van der Putten, Tim Moolhuijsen en Sezgi Iyibilir) has won de University Battle (Universiteitsstrijd) and earned the title of ‘the smartest university in the Netherlands’. In the grand finale, the UvA won from Leiden University with a total of 130 points to 105 points.

Universiteitsstrijd 2016 winnaars - fotograaf NTR
Photo: NTR

‘We are incredibly happy and proud to have won the quiz, ‘ says Boas van der Putten after the finale broadcast on Friday, 30 September. ‘The quiz included a number of very difficult questions and luckily we had the right answers at the right moment. We were a great team and had lots of laughs together.

When the University Battle first started, Boas, Tim and Sezgi did not predict that they would make it all the way to the end. ‘We didn’t expect to win, and even once we were recording the episodes we didn’t really have high expectations until we finally won the quiz. It was only then that we realised that we made it!’

The University Battle

The University Battle is a new general knowledge quiz which was broadcast on NTR’s NPO 2 channel on weekdays from 12 to 30 September. Eight Dutch universities took part in the quiz: Leiden, Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Twente, Rotterdam, VU and UvA.