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On 8 September, the reports by Berenschot and Deloitte evaluating the administrative partnership between the UvA and AUAS were published. The Executive Board will discuss the reports at all levels of the organisation in order to arrive at a decision in principle. Interested students and staff members are very welcome to join in the discussions, to be held on 3 and 4 October.

There will be an opportunity to put questions to the Executive Board and the unit directors, to raise issues of concern and to contribute suggestions. Geert ten Dam and Huib de Jong will be present on behalf of the Executive Board. The meeting on Monday 3 October will be held from 09:00 to 11:00 in the restaurant on the ground floor of the Leeuwenburg, Weesperzijde 190. The meeting on Tuesday 4 October will take place from 11:00 to 13:00 in the central hall of Building E, Roetersstraat 11. You can use the form to apply (in Dutch)

Future of the support services

In the time to come, the Executive Board will be giving additional consideration to the future of the support services. The Deloitte report sets out three scenarios. Briefly, these are: splitting them into separate services for AUAS and UvA; continuing the present arrangement; or taking further steps in the joint development.

The Executive Board has since had extensive consultations with the service directors, sharing how much it appreciates what has been achieved and is continuing to be achieved in the field of service provision. The quality of service provision has increased significantly in recent times. Moreover, the package of services provided has been expanded in consultation with the faculties. In line with Deloitte, the Executive Board sees further opportunities for efficiency and benefits from economies of scale. 

The Board believes Deloitte’s third scenario - a joint commitment to further development of shared service provision - is what is called for in most cases. This will leave sufficient opportunity to opt for custom solutions where the primary processes require these. For some units the outcome of this may be that a different scenario leads to a better result. This will be further discussed with faculties and services within the institutions.

Project team

A project team will be formed in September to prepare the decision in principle together with the Executive Board and to assist with decision-making and implementation. The project team will for the most part consist of AUAS and UvA staff members and will be in touch regularly with all those concerned.