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The Executive Board will be moving to the Roeterseiland Campus and Amstel Campus at the end of November. The necessary workstations for the Board are currently being installed on both campuses.

Geert ten Dam: 'It has been a long-standing desire of the Board to move closer to the primary process. That's why we will be relocating to the campuses in the near future. This will improve our connection with the students and staff members of the UvA and the AUAS. The move is consistent with the current transition of the AUAS and the Ten-point plan of the UvA.'

Relocation of policy and staff departments

According to the Board, it is important for the policy and staff departments currently located at the Maagdenhuis and Spui to follow suit and move closer to the teaching and research locations. To that end, a project group is being established to define detailed plans for relocating the policy and staff departments of the UvA and AUAS and present a proposal as soon as possible.

Discuss matters with Executive Board

Not only will the Executive Board be moving to the campus, it will also hold walk-in sessions at various locations every Thursday between 13:00 and 14:00. Are there topics that you would like to discuss with the Executive Board? Come to one of the walk-in sessions! These sessions are intended for both students and staff members.