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The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) challenges all UvA students to submit an idea for an interdisciplinary course by 2 October 2016, and to develop your course together with IIS curriculum experts. Who knows – next year, you could be a student assistant for your own course!

Create a Course Challenge IIS

How do you think teaching should be organised? What subjects should be taught, which methods should be employed and what roles should students and lecturers play? The UvA Create a Course Challenge is calling for students to explore uncharted terrain and to think of ways to make education fun, challenging and meaningful. With this challenge, the IIS aims to give students a say in the way education is organised at the Institute and within the University.

How does it work?

The challenge is open to all UvA students, Bachelor’s and Master’s alike, and will consist of three rounds. In the first round, you submit your idea through social media. In the second round, you will flesh out your course idea. Finally, in the third round, you will pitch your idea to a jury of experts. The final winner will work with the IIS to create the course curriculum. The winning course will be launched in September 2017, and the winning student will be appointed by the UvA as the course's student assistant!

Students without borders

This challenge is about overcoming boundaries, not just between students and lecturers and between faculties and disciplines, but also between academia and society.

More information

Visit the website for more information and to find out how to submit your idea.