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We will soon be upgrading to a new version of Blackboard.

This update includes a number of improvements:

  • New look and feel: the login and welcome pages will look different. A modified lay-out will make the website clearer and better organised.
  • Solutions for so-called bugs: when entering marks, you can now choose to use the Dutch decimal comma as well.
  • Tighter security requirements will make Blackboard more secure.

How will Blackboard look?

The PDF file shows what the login and welcome pages will look like as of Tuesday 16 August. 

New functionality

It is now possible to add educational objectives. Lecturers can set these up for each course and link them to assessments and/or exercises. Students can then find the educational objectives in their marks overview.


In order to run the upgrade, Blackboard will be unavailable from midnight on Monday 15 August until 07:00 am on Tuesday 16 August.