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In response to the Supervisory Board’s handing over of its duties, the Board of Directors sent the following email to students and staff.

Dear colleagues and students,

As you may have learned, the UvA’s Supervisory Board has decided to hand over its duties as soon as possible.

In recent months, the cooperation between the Supervisory Board and the representative advisory bodies has become seriously compromised. Attempts at reconciliation were made through an intermediary, but without success. Ultimately, this led to the Supervisory Board’s decision.

Of course we respect the Supervisory Board’s assessment and its decision to hand over its duties. The next step now lies with the Minister of Education who appoints the Supervisory Board. It is good that sufficient time will be given for a careful handover. We will be in contact with the Ministry of Education about this.

For now we would like to inform you that, as the Executive Board, we will not be distracted from that which we feel is essential in the coming period: attention to accessible and intensive education, strong research, a clear and social human resources policy, international cooperation and the further development of the UvA’s connection with Amsterdam.

We look forward to working with you on these issues.

Kind regards,

Geert ten Dam
Karen Maex
Hans Amman
Huib de Jong