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The University of Amsterdam’s Supervisory Board has decided to hand over its duties as soon as possible, to make room for new members.

In the interests of continuity, the Supervisory Board will continue its work for the time being. The Supervisory Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) will continue to perform its supervisory tasks for the AUAS.

A priority of the Supervisory Board in recent months was the appointment of new members to the Executive Board in order to ensure continuity and stability. This priority was fulfilled with the widely supported appointment of a new President and a new Rector to the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board has the utmost confidence in the new Board.

However, a difficult working relationship between the representative advisory bodies and the Supervisory Board developed in recent months. The Supervisory Board regrets that talks with the Central Student Council (CSR) broke off and there appears to be no more willingness for further discussion and constructive dialogue.

The Supervisory Board believes that attention should be paid to education and research; discussions about oversight should not distract from the institution’s core activities.

For these reasons, the Supervisory Board considered that, in the interests of the UvA, room must be made for new members, and it entered into discussions with the Minister. The joint aim is to effect a smooth handover and to ensure managerial continuity alongside the search for successors.