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September 2016 marks the start of the new English-taught interdisciplinary minor, Future NOW. This is the first minor that was developed by all faculties in collaboration with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies and is accessible to all students from all disciplines.

Future NOW met tekst

In the Future NOW minor (30 ECTS), you will be trained over the course of six months to take a critical stance in examining yourself, your fellow students and the world around you, and to think about our complex transitional society from an academic standpoint.

Connection to society

In interdisciplinary teams – with students from various disciplines – you will take on a real-life case from the business world, a government body or a civil society organisation. This minor could serve as an alternative to an internship, which usually involves working for rather than with an organisation.  After six months of intensive collaboration with your team, coach and client, you will present the client with a potential, viable solution to their problem.

Bildung 2.0 and professional skills

Alongside your group project, there will be a focus on developing your personal and professional skills. Learn how to better identify your strengths and weaknesses. What are your most important motivations? How do you structure a complex problem? How do you function under pressure? Or how do you grow in creativity? These skills will all be addressed during weekly trainings, field trips, workshops and assignments.

In short: within six months you will be ready to face a dynamic and unknown future, while understanding your your strengths, how to interact professionally within a team and with clients, and how to adapt to continually changing challenges.

More information

You can find more information about the programme and entry requirements on the website. The deadline for applying is 22 June 2016.