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Over the next few years, blended learning and the application of IT-enabled teaching methods and knowledge sharing will be further developed and deepened at the UvA. Faculties will come up with action plans and the UvA will establish a virtual knowledge centre, led by Peter van Baalen and Etienne Verheijck. This has been decided on the basis of white papers from the working groups Blend IT & Share IT and Dare to Share, the recommendations in their action plans and in consultation with the representative advisory bodies.

The Executive Board (CvB) has appointed Peter van Baalen, professor of Information Management and Digital Organisation, director of the College of Economics and Business and chair of the working group Blend IT & Share IT, and Etienne Verheijck, director of the Faculty of Medicine’s Bachelor’s programme and a member of the working group Blend IT and Share IT, to the role of vice-provost for innovation in teaching and learning. They will lead both the virtual knowledge centre and the ‘ICT and Education’ expertise group in the IT governance structure, ensuring the connectedness of the two structures.

There is a lot of interest in knowledge sharing among academic staff, as indicated in the white paper of the Dare to Share working group. The CvB has combined the recommendations from this white paper with those from the Blend IT & Share IT working group regarding the desirability of a stronger structure for educational innovation, and knowledge sharing in this area. The virtual knowledge centre will give shape to this.

What does this mean?

Each faculty will set to work with a blended learning action plan and will delegate responsibility for it to at least one person, the so-called ‘teaching quality and innovation officer’. Teaching quality and innovation officers from the faculties will be part of the virtual knowledge centre, together with a liaison officer from ICTS, two students and a policy officer acting as secretary. The whole will be led by Van Baalen and Verheijck. The virtual knowledge centre will organise regular meetings for lecturers and members of the Boards of Studies. These meetings will play a role in the ongoing professionalisation of teaching and knowledge sharing.

Addressing knowledge sharing

Lecturers will be expected to attend at least two annual meetings about knowledge sharing and professionalisation; this will be included in the HR policy. Knowledge sharing will also be a topic of discussion during annual consultations.


In January 2016, the UvA published two white papers, ‘Blend IT & Share IT’ and ‘Dare to Share’. The CvB subsequently discussed implementation with the two working groups which resulted in action plans from both working groups. Based on the white papers and action plans, and following discussions with the representative advisory bodies, decisions were made about how blended learning and knowledge sharing will be further developed within the education policy and the faculty education strategies.