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Members of the allocation model working group and sounding board group will start work from mid May. You can read about their task and who the members are in this document.

Allocation model working group

The members of the working group are technical content-related experts. Their task is to test the proposals that are received against the basic principles and preconditions and to distil a proposal (with a maximum of one alternative) from all suggestions.

The working group comprises:

  • Eric Fischer (Interim-Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Chair)
  • Rudi Rust (Financial Director of the Faculty of Science, Secretary)
  • Jan Bouwens (Professor of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, internal specialist)
  • Wiljan van den Akker (Vice-Rector of Research at Utrecht University and distinguished research professor at the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, external specialist).

The working group is supported by the Finance & Control department.

Allocation model sounding board group

The sounding board comprises representation from the faculties and the representative advisory body. The members act as sparring partners for the working group and provide the link to the primary process. This sounding board group also includes representatives from the Senate, the University Committee on Research (UOC) and the University Committee on Education (UCO), who monitor the quality of the process.

The sounding board group comprises:

  • Frida van den Maagdenberg – Faculty of Medicine
  • Jan Dijk – Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Ingmar Visser – Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Cees Kleverlaan – Faculty of Dentistry
  • Michel Haring – Faculty of Science
  • Jacques Bos – Faculty of Humanities
  • Nico van Eijk – Faculty of Law
  • Gerwin van der Pol – Central Works Council (COR)
  • Piet Rodenburg – Central Works Council (COR)
  • Lianne Hooijmans – Central Student Council (CSR)
  • Reimer van den Hoek – Central Student Council (CSR)
  • Michel Vellekoop – Senate
  • Han van der Maas – University Committee on Education (UCO)
  • Thomas Vaessens – University Committee on Research (UCO)

Allocation model kick-off meeting on 23 May

A kick-off meeting with the entire academic community is planned for Monday, 23 May 2016. There, you can get to know the members of the working group and the sounding board group. In the course of this afternoon we will delve deeper into the current allocation model and, naturally, there will be an opportunity to discuss your ideas with each other.

Would you like to know more?

Go to to see the animation on the allocation model. Or download the action plan below (only available in Dutch).