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On Wednesday, 4 May, VOX-POP will host the afternoon screening of 'New Perspective' from 15:30 to 17:30 at Binnengasthuisstraat 9 (the former Student Service Desk). The event ties in with the Month of Philosophy theme: the limit. Have you ever wondered what abruptly demarcating a person's freedom does to their psyche? That is what The Wall, the movie adaptation of Marlen Haushofer's classic 1964 novel, is all about.

Poster of 'The Wall'

During a weekend in the mountains, a woman is suddenly and inexplicably isolated from the outside world by an invisible wall. She then enters a period of intense introspection, providing ample material for philosophical contemplation. As you are swept away by the breathtaking footage of the Austrian mountains, this almost meditative film, with a sci-fi, apocalyptic edge, is sure to get you thinking. Is she trapped only behind an invisible barrier? Or also within the confines of her own mind? And are we not all somehow prisoners of our own perceptions?

VOX-POP 'New Perspective' screenings

Each film shown during an afternoon screening of 'New Perspective' will be examined from the perspective of modern-day problems or current trends, because looking at current events from a different angle can lead to surprising insights. The film afternoons will be held every fortnight on Wednesday from 15:30 to 17:30 on: 4 May ('The Wall' – 2012), 18 May ('Macbeth' – 2015), 8 June ('Human' – 2015) and 22 June ('La Piscine' – 1969). 

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Do you have any requests or do you want to share your ideas on curating these afternoon screenings? Email our film screening curator Eva Spin (Bachelor's student in Art History):

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VOX-POP is the 'creative space' of the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA. Pop-up events and exhibitions organised in this space aim to demonstrate to the city, community and University just how broad the humanities actually are. What makes VOX-POP exceptional is that all projects are initiated by UvA students, staff members and surrounding residents, and that it makes use of spaces which have become vacant in the course of the City Centre Campus renovations.

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