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In accordance with the ten-point plan, the academic community is annually consulted on the Framework Letter.

Students and staff members will have an opportunity to respond to the draft version of the 2017 Framework Letter from 2 May through 23 May via A downloadable version of the 2017 draft Framework Letter can be found below this message (only available in Dutch).

The 2017 Framework Letter will serve as a basis for the UvA's 2017 Budget and multi-year estimates for 2018 – 2020. It will offer faculties and service departments guidelines and support in the process of preparing their own budgets.

2017 Framework Letter consultation process

Staff members and students will have an opportunity to respond through 23 May via Once this consultation period has ended, all responses and questions on each issue will be compiled. Each of the responses and questions from the academic community featured in this compilation will be addressed. Where necessary, the 2017 Framework Letter will be adjusted on the basis of the responses. The representative advisory bodies and the Executive Board will hold consultations on the 2017 Framework Letter in late May. The Joint Meeting will have until 12 June to approve the document. Once the Joint Meeting has approved the final version, the definitive 2017 Framework Letter will be adopted by the Executive Board.

Consultations on 2017 UvA budget

These steps will be repeated as a part of the 2017 Budget approval process in the autumn. The Executive Board will then again consult with the academic community and request the permission of the Joint Meeting in accordance with the ten-point plan.