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At the end of 2016, the current contracts with Eurest and Maas (vending machines) will come to an end. The UvA wishes to use this opportunity to introduce a new food and drink concept from 2017 onwards. In recent months, we have therefore worked with students and staff to assess what the UvA's food and drink needs are for the future.

Custom solutions for each campus

The new food and drink vision describes the general principles for the facilities from 2017 onwards. Within a shared structure, custom food and drink solutions will be provided on each campus.

In order to ensure the effective distribution of food and drink facilities on the campuses, each campus will be divided according to the ‘centre’, ‘district’ and ‘neighbourhood’ principle. The ‘centre’ is the central meeting place at the heart of the campus, offering various local food formulas. In the ‘district’, which is located a little further from the centre, there will be facilities such as coffee formulas with seating areas. Finally, on the outer edges of the campus, there will be kiosks, vending machines and smaller seating areas in the so-called ‘neighbourhoods’. It is also the intention to provide mobile food and drink facilities in the future, such as coffee carts and food trucks in the halls and/or on the sites.

What will happen next?

Now that the food and drink vision has been determined, work will mainly take place behind the scenes over the next few months (including the selection of suppliers). We will start to introduce the new concept on 1 January 2017, and it will be implemented in phases over the years ahead. When the new concept is introduced on each campus depends, among other things, on accommodation plans and the state of the current facilities. In the autumn of 2016, we will enter into discussions with students, staff and faculties on each individual campus to determine the specific facilities.