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Join us in dreaming about the future of Europe and Amsterdam at the 2016 Amsterdam lectures. What is happening in the world around us? How is Europe doing? The lecture series on the theme of the 'Third Golden Age' will be begin on 18 April.

The future of Europe

Until 30 May, everyone is welcome to join one of the half-hour lectures followed by an evening of discussion between the speaker and audience. This time, the main topic is Europe, in honour of the Netherlands EU Presidency. The lecture on 30 May will be in English. The rest of the lectures will be held in Dutch.

Christianne Smit will open the series with a lecture on the ambitions, inspirations and dreams of social activists towards the end of the 19th century, who worked to create an ideal society. Rend Vliegenhart will then share about how the media influences our knowledge and opinions of the EU. Marieke de Goede will talk about speculative safety in Europe. Frank Vandenbroucke will share his dreams of a European Social Union, whereby social objectives from the basis of the EU. Finally, in an English-language lecture, Jan Zielonka will discuss a new form of European integration with multiple centres instead of one central power.

Register now

Entrance to the lectures is free. You can register via website for the 2016 Amsterdam lectures (in Dutch).


About the Amsterdam lectures

The Amsterdam lecture series emerged out of collaboration with the Wibaut Chair. This Special Chair was established by the municipality of Amsterdam to research the challenges facing large cities, and Amsterdam in particular. Zef Hemel, the current professor by special appointment to this chair, will be hosting the Amsterdam lectures. He is also the founder of the Volksvlijt2056 exhibition at the Central Library of Amsterdam (OBA).