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When learning a language, getting the pronunciation right is often a challenge.The University of Amsterdam recently conducted an experiment in which students practiced their pronunciation using a special application.


With this application the speaker can see a visual representation of the difference between their own pronunciation and the ideal pronunciation in the Google Glass. This stimulates the student to keep practicing until they achieve the correct pronunciation.

The experiment shows that de UvA has the knowledge and skills to do this kind of research and to design innovative applications, and that it is ready to apply these innovations in its teaching. The experiment was conducted in the Spanish Language and Culture programme, where the application received a very positive response, laying the basis for further development and use of wearables in (language) education. In addition, in January 2016, SURFnet selected it as the smartest and most promising Google Glass application from a number designed for use in education. This great result was achieved through close cooperation between education, research and ICT departments.

See also the video about the Google Glass application.