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The main topic about which students at the Roeterseiland Campus would like to be informed is helpful information on available study places. This was evident in the results of a survey on campus communication conducted by Ruigrok/Netpanel among 653 UvA students in late 2015.

The second most important topic to students is opening hours, followed by ICT (desktops, WiFi, bring your own device spaces), accessibility, catering facilities, printing facilities and bicycle parking. For the vast majority, is the most commonly used source of information, followed by fellow students, the campus map and information provided at the various locations (signs, screens, posters).

Preference for email

Forty-two per cent of students at the Roeterseiland Campus would prefer for the UvA to inform them about general location-related topics on a monthly basis, while 30% indicated they only want to receive this type of information when absolutely necessary. The vast majority would prefer to receive their information via an email or digital newsletter, regardless of whether the information relates to general campus developments, adjusted opening hours, facilities or events.

Campus development: more information needed

Fifty-eight per cent of the Roeterseiland Campus students is aware that the University of Amsterdam is working on the development of four city campuses. Sixty per cent indicated that they find it ‘(very) important’ to be informed of campus development and related works. There is room for improvement in this area as 32% of surveyed students indicated that they 'never' received information about campus development. When asked whether they agreed that the information they did receive about campus development and related works was complete, 20 per cent of the respondents '(strongly) agreed’, 32% replied ‘neutral’, 37% ‘(completely) disagreed’ and 11% had ‘no opinion’. The main need among students is for more practical and scheduling information.

How will be results be used?

The various departments and organisational units that involved with communication will use the results of the survey to improve communication about the campus and increase it where necessary.