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In an open letter to De Volkskrant of Monday, 4 January, three lecturers representing ReThink UvA argue that the procedure for appointing a new President of the Executive Board of the UvA/AUAS and a new Rector Magnificus of the UvA is not sufficiently transparent and democratic. In light of these concerns, please find a brief clarification of the current appointments procedure and recent changes to it.

The new procedure has come about after extensive consultation with the UvA’s Central Student Council (CSR) and Central Works Council (COR), AUAS’s Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR), the deans of the UvA and AUAS and the UvA-AUAS Supervisory Board.

Changes to procedure

These consultations have resulted in a number of important changes compared to the procedure in previous years: the representative advisory bodies had right of approval over the profile, are delegating four candidates to the advisory appointment committees (two students and two members of staff on behalf of UvA-AUAS) and will have right of approval over the appointments. 

In this way, the academic community is closely involved in the selection and appointment procedure, via the elected representative bodies.

A recruitment and selection agency is assisting the committees but their role is strictly facilitative.

Confidentiality and consultation

In consultation with the representative bodies and the deans of the UvA and AUAS, it was decided to make the appointments procedure confidential, as there is a risk that making applications public will discourage suitable candidates from applying.  

The broad advisory appointments committees include student and staff representatives (42 per committee), the deans of both institutions and the Supervisory Board. These committees are tasked with finding and putting forward a candidate. In the final stage of the procedure, confidential consultations will be held with the representative bodies and the deans of both institutions, who can issue their recommendations.

The final appointments will be made by the Supervisory Board, in accordance with the law.