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During the 384th Dies Natalis, Bas de Bruin was named 2015 Lecturer of the Year by the Student Council and the ASVA Student Union. De Bruin is Professor of Bio-Inspired Sustainable Catalysis at the Faculty of Science.

Bas de Bruin, Lecturer of the Year 2015
Bas de Bruin, 2015 Lecturer of the Year

The jury of the Lecturer of the Year award lauded De Bruin above all for his lecturing qualities: 'He has the ability to explain complex matter in a crystal clear way without shying away from laboratory experiments'. At a mini-lecture held by all nominated lecturers during the nominee evening, De Bruin visualised the chemical reaction caused by the Bombardier beetle when approaching enemies with a metre-high gas cloud; a unique example of chemical warfare.


Bas de Bruin has been given carte blanche to compile a series of lecturers and will also take the coveted 'Gouden Stelten' (Golden Stilts) floating trophy back with him to Science Park. In his words of thanks he promised to take part in the Dutch Stilt-Walking Championships, which are held in his native village of Didam each year.      


The other faculty winners and nominees for the award were: Jan Tuinstra (Econometrics),
Yaniv Hagbi (Hebrew), Frans Voorbraak (Medical Informatics), Don Weenink (Sociology), Johan Legemaate (Health Law) and Greetje Renders (Dentistry).

Inaugural lecture by De Bruin

The inaugural lecture held by De Bruin upon the acceptance of his professorship in 2014 can be found online (in Dutch).